SONLIGHT Assembly of God - Weston Ohio

Welcome to TeamKID(S) & etc. Children's & Youth Ministries!

Team KID is an energetic group of Preschool-6th graders that meet every Wednesday. Each Team KID session is action packed, with lessons, music, food, friends and more. Team KID is a practical way to reach our community by sharing the Gospel with kids who need to here it. Our next generation begins here, and we are rising to the challenge of ministering to this special group of kids.

Team KID meets on Wednesday at 6:30pm at Sonlight.

Contact Glenda Boggs , Pastor of Youth & Children's Ministries at  for more information.

 etc. (Empty Tomb Crusaders) is our lively and growing youth ministry at SONLGHT! Guys and Girls, 7th grade and up participate in fun activities and outings, weekly Bible Study and more. etc. grows from the first generation of TeamKID and is a fun and practical way to get out teens on the right track for Jesus is an increasingly God-less world. Ect meets on Sunday at 6 pm at Sonlight.

 Contact Glenda Boggs, Pastor of Youth & Children's Ministries at  for more information.

Resources for Ministering to Youth